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Promotional Videos

Animated promotional and explainer videos are changing the way information is gleamed from the Internet. Studies have shown they hold people’s attention longer, more effectively convey your message, and are better at inspiring and motivating people to act. This is because we can think faster than we can talk. So when you are listening to someone, your brain has empty space that it tends to fill. A compelling and engaging visual story unfolding along with your auditory message completely fills up a persons brain. So much so, that a person is 10X more likely to watch an animated video till the end!

Video gives:

  • A clear message for your customers to understand
  • Keeps visitors on your site longer
  • Increases conversion rate and sales
  • Improves SEO
  • Give you something to share on social media like youtube, Facebook, etc.

Webicine can create an amazingly effective and engaging video at an amazingly affordable price.



Plus $2 Per Second After the first 60 Seconds


  • Stock Illustrations and Artwork
  • Background Music
  • Full HD Video Production
  • Black and White and/or Color Images


Additional Fees Apply for:

  • Script Development ($100)
  • Professional Voice Over ($100/Min)
  • Custom Animations
  • Blended in Video and Photography
  • 3D Animations
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